At Wellspring’s “Revive” service we welcomed the Rev. Margaret Eaton, our minister who was the inspiration for the Wellspring project.

Margaret spoke in detail of the merger of two fellowships, Kinsey Street and Mossley, and the vision she had had of two railway lines going into a tunnel and only one coming out.

Other contributions to the lively service were made by Charles and Robyn (from the Praise Band) whose song included the words “We are Your church”. Robyn, after spending several weeks at a school in Uganda is off to India in early February.

Claire asked us to find the link between tin, paper, cotton, wool and wood, the answer being gifts for anniversaries. In Kidzone, guided by Mark, the youngsters showed us in pictures what Wellspring means to them.

Margaret issued Wellspring with a challenge for the future. What is our vision now? Are we alive for God?

Sunday, 12th January 2014 was certainly a Red Letter Day in Wellspring’s history.