24 Hours of Praise and Prayer

At midday on the 28th of June 2014, Wellspring began 24 hours of Praise and Prayer.

Hilary Balsdon led the opening hour of Praise, with the following 23 hours concentrating on sessions of Prayer leading into further sessions of Praise. The final celebration was incorporated into morning Sunday worship.

prayer walk

During Saturday evening a Prayer Walk was led by Rev Derek Balsdon around Wellspring’s local community and area, with all encouraged to ‘Pray’ with our eyes open for the things around us: – people, places, businesses, situations plus anything we felt drawn to.

An early Sunday morning Praise session was marked in for 01:00 but such was the power of worship this actually went on until 03:15! Although there were only eight of us we sounded like a full church.

The whole event was really Spirit led, feeling God’s blessing on us and those we were upholding through our Prayer and Praise.

I would like to thank all Praise and Prayer leaders for the work they put in to make this an amazing time. We were blessed and enriched by God’s amazing love, felt encouraged by his Holy Spirit and felt and continue to feel at one in the family of Jesus Christ.

Blessings, Derek Aartse Tuyn.