Heaven is for Real

This book begins in July 2003, with an ordinary family of four (Mum, Dad, young daughter & son) on an ordinary car journey. This journey took them very close to a hospital where, 4 months earlier, the youngest member of the family had had an emergency appendectomy, & had almost died. Now aged 4, this little boy started to speak of angels singing, of sitting on Jesus’ lap, of being ‘out of his body’, of seeing his Mum & Dad praying, making phone calls… all of which had happened when he was in that hospital aged 3 yrs 10 months.
Through Heaven is for Real, the story of Colton’s ‘trip to heaven’ gradually emerges. His parents (who pastor a church) gently, over time, take opportunities which arise to encourage their son to talk about his experience of heaven. This includes things like:-
• Colton recalling a conversation with Jesus, meeting John the Baptist, seeing Mary the mother of Jesus. He also recalls having seen Satan, but won’t talk about that.
• Colton sees family members who’d died before he was born, yet he knew who they were. They recognised him too!
• Colton speaks more of what things felt like in heaven rather than what things looked like – he especially spoke of how much God loves, particularly how much God loves children.
• Colton also speaks of having seen things which in our spectrum of time are ‘yet to be’ – of having seen battles just like those described in the book of Revelation. “But it’s ok, ‘cos Jesus wins,” he says.
The books tells of an occasion when Colton is desperate to know whether a deceased person ‘had Jesus is their heart’. On another occasion, to a dying man (who he knew to be a Christian), Colton said – “It’s ok, the first person you’ll see is Jesus”. Colton was very clear that he’d visited heaven for 3 minutes;.he said Jesus was letting him go back, in answer to the prayers of his Mum & Dad, & others. On one occasion, when being scolded by his Dad for running across a car park which ‘could be dangerous & you might die’, Colton replied that it’d be good to die, as he’d get to go back to heaven. This was said in the genuine innocence of a 4-yr-old.
Within the book, there is also recall of amazing ‘co-incidences’ of prayer by church people at exactly the same time as key ‘down points’ medically. Money gifts came in from all sorts of places when bills (especially medical – this is a story from the USA) came in, & the finance situation was desperate.
It is a compelling, ‘can’t put it down’ read, giving amazing insight into heaven. A small child could never have made this all up. Throughout, there are various references to Scriptures with which the story can clearly be linked. I know a number of people who’ve read this book, but haven’t found anyone disappointed by it yet!
Hilary Balsdon