The Shack Our attention was drawn during a recent Sunday service to The Shack, a novel which many of you will have heard of. Written by William Paul Young, The Shack is a novel, but through the story we are given glimpses of how God as Father, Saviour and Holy Spirit helps someone through a deeply traumatic and painful period of their life. Although some Christians have strongly disliked the book, many people have found that The Shack has helped them in their own relationship with God (Father, Jesus & Holy Spirit), particularly through difficult and painful times.

Also worth a read is Randal Rauser’s Finding God in the Shack. Many people have known The Shack, Finding Godtheir lives transformed through reading The Shack, but others have strongly denounced the book, labelling it as theologically flawed or even heretical. Theologian Randal Rauser takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the pages of the story, and explores many of the nook’s complex and controversial issues. Finding God in the Shack could encourage our individual theological thinking, as well as possibly helping group discussions about The Shack.

Hilary Balsdon