Darrell Tunningley. Unreachable

I feel that the title of this amazing little book should have a query mark after it, because unreachable is the antithesis of what this young man has become.

Growing up on a rough estate in West Yorkshire in a stable family unit, Darrell’s parents worked hard to provide for their children. A determined and driven child Darrell was bright, had the ability to achieve and involved himself in extra curricular activities where he mixed with motivated youngsters. But there was another Darrell who was living as he describes, ‘in a parallel universe’ who, with his other mates, stole, drank, smoked cigarettes and cannabis and all of this from the age of 10 yrs old.

By mid teens he thought he was invincible as his own habits turned into dealing and moving onto to harder drugs and more violent behaviour. The conforming other Darrell, who loved order and discipline continued to exist until he left school.

By 17 yrs old he was a heroin addict, committing armed robbery and adept at dodging the police with his mates. At 17 ½ yrs his closest mate died in his arms from a heroin overdose and soon after another close mate was shot and died. The police eventually caught up with Darrell and he was send to prison for 5 ½ yrs.

What happened in prison is truly miraculous. God turned this young man about literally overnight and set about using his driven personality to point hundreds of other lost souls along the road of hope and redemption.
A captivating story, read in a couple of hours but with a life-changing challenge for us all.

Judith Mayer

(If you would like to order a copy of Darrell Tunningley’s book, please ask Hilary Balsdon or Judith Mayer)