Hilary Balsdon opened our worship leading the band. We then had a time of open Mic and testimony, it was encouraging to hear two young(ish!) men share how God works wonders through testing times. There then followed another time of songs of worship and prayer, a more reflective set this time.

Brian Barber from the Potter’s House was our guest speaker. We started with a time of moving round the room , saying hello to someone new and this created a very pleasant and warm atmosphere.

Brian introduced his talk about ‘real prayer’ with a scene from the film ‘Bruce Almighty’, where God explains and teaches how to pray a really sincere and relevant prayer. Brian then shared a powerful personal testimony with great humility of how amazing and critical prayers, both for him and by him had impacted in ways that were inspiring.

We learned how Christian Youth Work was a big part of Brian’s life. Brian has worked with and supported young people from a variety of backgrounds. He has taken a number of steps to help young adults / children from vulnerable backgrounds. We were encouraged to really think about a young person in our lives who needs prayer, and really pray from in a focused and long term manner.

Finally, Philip Owens led a time of open prayer and blessing, thanking Brian for sharing his message and story.

Mark Owens