The Bible Week was held from June 15th- 21st this year, and the theme was “Keep faith and follow him.” Using the wartime poster pattern for the literature, we arranged that the speakers should follow the theme from Hebrews 11 and 12. Krish Kandiah started the week at Wellspring, when we had a capacity crowd! He spoke on Tuesday at the New Life Church, again to over a hundred. His method and style was unusual, but effective. On Wednesday Jonathan Lamb, who had helped us link ourselves to Keswick Ministries, spoke at St. James’ Church, on Thursday at Cross St. Church and on Friday at the URC. The messages were powerful and effective, and many came back each night for more! On Sunday Ven. Ian Bishop spoke at St. Peter’s on Hebrews 12:1-3, with a message of challenge and encouragement.
The congregations were drawn for all the local churches, and we had visitors from further afield, Greater Manchester and Wigan. Someone even came from the Fylde. Because our meetings were advertised on the Keswick Convention website, we had enquiries from interested people outside our area.
We want to thank all who supported, and those who ran a children’s and young people’s group on the Friday evening. Our committee of ten includes four Methodists. We will send information around about next year’s events when we have more information ourselves.
Keith Jarvis