Albania Summer Team Orientation Weekend 1

Charles Vickers shares with us God’s plans for him this summer:

“This summer I am going to be part of a small mission team heading out to Albania for two weeks between the 9th and 22nd of July. The team is made up of students and UCCF (Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship) staff from the Midlands region. The main reason for our going is to lead a summer camp for Albanian students. The camp itself will last for one week and before we will do some training with the BSKSh team (the Albanian, and much smaller, version of UCCF) before it begins.

Each day in the camp we will lead an English class, a Bible study, take part in a main meeting/ celebration type event and spend time socialising and spending time with the students. The big draws for the Albanian students are that the camp is free for them as we are attempting to fund it all, and the opportunity to learn English from real English people.

The Albanians will be a mixture of Christians and non-Christians. When it comes to faith, Albania is very nominal, most of the country being nominal Muslims. In reality it is not something that the majority really care about. Last year at the camp a student became a Christian and I hope to see much more of the same this year!

Here is a link to the page on UCCF’s website where there is more information:

I would very much appreciate prayer during this time, that our teaching would be fruitful, that we can encourage the Albanian Christians, that the hearts of the unbelieving Albanians would be opened to receive Christ, and for divine protection.

I would like to here thank Wellspring for agreeing to support me with £300 towards the cost of the trip, it is a great help.”