We are a group of between twenties – thirties who meet every Tuesday for fellowship, tea, biscuits and to study the Bible.

At present there are six of us who meet regularly as well as a couple of others who join us when they are not off at University or travelling the globe.

Most of us are from Wellspring but we would welcome anyone who would like to join us to please do so. We have just finished reading our way through Mark’s gospel and are now attempting a fast-paced skim of the whole Bible guided by Vaughan Robert’s book God’s Big Picture.

Through these studies we’ve been challenged again to consider the basics of Christianity such as “Why did Jesus die” and “What does it mean to follow him?”.

Alongside these we’ve pondered issues such as the nature of Judas’s betrayal and Peter’s denial considering the similarities and differences between the two.

(And quite often we meander severely off-topic into areas such as “What exactly is the deal with the mildew?” and “What biscuits shall we bring next week?”).

For further information see Matt Butler or contact the Minister