Matt Butler – Working with AIM International

Through working with AIM International I have come to see that World Mission is not so much about Christians going out into the World to do Mission, but rather it is about Christians from different parts of the World coming together to do Mission. This isn’t always easy because we bring along with us a whole load of cultural baggage, as do the people that we will be working with. |During the AIM recruitment and orientation process we learned a lot about some of the cultural differences we might encounter and what to expect from culture shock. A bad response to this can tear down all that you are trying to achieve. But equally I learned that cultural differences are the key to why World Mission is so important. When we work together with Christians from other cultures we get new perspectives on our faith and on Mission and how to do it. This can help us to seperate the essential elements of our faith from the cultural traditions that have surrounded them and it ensures that when we’re sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with others that it is Jesus Christ’s universal gospel that we share and not some home-grown adaptation. In Uganda I worked hand-in-hand with African brothers and sisters to disciple young Christians. We each had different things to bring to the table be such as skills, backgrounds, and perspectives and by working together we were able to challenge one another, and ensure we had a greater impact for Christ than we would have done had we all been from the same culture.

Matthew Butler