Students at Herridge technical School, Burundi

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ACTS ministry works in Burundi, Kenya and Uganda.

To read how ACTS also supports individuals needing medical aid or educational sponsorship,                                         read CARINE’S STORY 

hope centre leaflet p 1 Set up by Hugh Henderson, in 2007 MISSION INTERNATIONAL is based in Dundee, Ian and Judith Mayer from Wellspring have links with Hugh in Burundi at the Hope Centre Development and with Rema Ministries:

To go to the Hope Centre Link: HOPE CENTRE

To go to their website click on the link : MISSION INTERNATIONAL

P1030168Rema Ministries operates out of Bujumbura, Burundi in Central East Africa and operates in Burundi and its close neighbouring countries. Follow the link to find out more about their work: REMA MINISTRIES

Follow the link to read about Matt Butler’s gap year in Uganda: MATT IN UGANDA