Three of Wellspring’s Students Share Their Experiences on Summer Mission at our Revive Monthly Service, September 2015

It was great to be at Revive after a break in August. Our theme for the evening was European Mission Experience.

We were thrilled to joined by guests who not only shared wonderfully encouraging testimonies but also led powerful worship throughout the evening. Robyn Lewis and Charles Vickers have excellent musical talent and have all had inspiring ‘Mission’ experiences this year.

The students clearly seek to be guided by God, and this came across very well in the collection of stories that they shared. We heard how young people across Europe are finding there is something missing in their lives. Our guests went on to say that by sharing an environment of friendship, activities and support many young people become receptive to the Christian message. Robyn and Charles have all learned to depend more on God this year, have all seen God do great things, and are all determined to go from strength to strength in their Faith.

We had a collective time of prayer before a final set of songs that created a very lively and positive atmosphere of praise, one that could have carried on well into the evening.
Below are short testimonies from our student guests:

Charles Vickers

I travelled to Czech Republic for two weeks to volunteer at a summer camp with Josiah Venture, an organisation which seeks to make disciples among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe. Alongside teams from the US and Czech we taught English, played sports and games, climbed a mountain, danced, sung and talked about Jesus to and with a group of about forty-five Czech youth. It was amazing to have really meaningful conversations with some of the teenagers about God, purpose and faith. I got the opportunity to give one boy a Bible after he expressed interest in reading it; at the start of the camp he seemed very sceptical about God. I learned to trust God more and how much more alive it feels to rely on Him whilst stepping out my comfort zone.

Robyn Lewis

This summer I had the privilege and blessing to join a beach missions team out in Greece. Our focus was on the island of Paros, where we stayed in a camp site and used our location to reach out to travellers and those visiting the local beaches. I was amazed at the opportunities God gave us in talking to so many people and how open people were to talk about Jesus to us. A lot of Greeks identified themselves as Christians, but we were able to share the message of Jesus with them. The main thing I learnt there was that ‘seeds are growing things’, meaning that every conversation we had planted a seed. I trust in God that those seeds will grow and I look forward to seeing the fruit of that mission on the final day.

Please pray:
• That those we outreached and gave gospels and Bibles to, would continue to think upon the conversations that we had and that other Christians would come into their lives.
• That those from the team who are living in Greece would be encouraged and would grow in their relationships with God.
• Pray that they continue to reach out to Greeks who do not know Jesus.